Oct 1 2013

Gold Bullion IRA? Read Customer Reviews First

Gold Coins or Silver in an IRA? It’s Important to Read Past Customer Reviews First

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Mar 22 2013

Getting Your Business on Yelp

search engine optimizationThere are other ways than google for your business to be found online. Yelp is a directory service with social networking and user reviews. This year Yelp is up to 100 million users. Yelp is the product of venture capitals from San Francisco launched in 2004 and began branching out, spreading over the country and to Canada in 2008, a British version in 2009 and across Europe.

Yelp provides local search with information, reviews and social networking to create an online community experience. For more help with setting up an SEO strategy for your business go to  localseoconsultant.net.  When starting a Yelp account for your business make sure you have all the materials you will need. Make sure you fill out your profile completely and fill out all the field you can with your business details with pictures. When you are all set, ask for reviews, its against terms of service to pay, but its a good idea to ask your regulars to write a review. Again, profiles have to be completely filled out for your good reviews to be seen. Yelp’s system tries to weed out the phony reviews by not displaying reviews of ‘dine and dash’ reviewers.

Respond to reviews, but try not to use a stock answers.. True sincerity comes through and keep it simple. However, if you get a bad review remember to keep calm when responding. Think of how you would handle it right in front of you and apply the same logic to your written reply. Be diplomatic, you are representing the business; its ambassador.

Be aware of what your customers are saying by regularly reading the reviews. Develop a consistent rapport with your online community, as in the business. Then find some more SEO tips to improve your online business presence.

Jan 6 2013

Why is SEO Important?

web SEO chart on blackboardSEO or search engine optimization is the method of constructing a page on a website so it is as ready and easily found as possible. At the top of the list of returned results is the ultimate goal. Just like the big sign in front of a store, you want to find your business to be found.

  • Ecommerce growth has doubled in the past couple of years.
  • If you don’t then someone else will.
  • Organic searches are 85% of clicks vs 18% for sponsored ads.
  • Get ahead of the line.
  • Increase online budget from printed media
  • Brand awareness and improved online reputation

Nov 10 2012

SEO site advice from Google

Aug 10 2012

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

seo sprayWhile even in the planning stages, add in seo strategy in the foundation and build up. Clean code from the will give a good start to seo with fast speed.

  • Then set your meta tags, keywords, links and descriptions.
  • Mobility and responsiveness.
  • Design.
  • Title tags should be unique for every page.
  • Content with targeted keyword phrases, with unique and relevant content.
  • Header Tags and Keyword Phrases.
  • Internal Page Linking with Anchor Text.
  • Image ALT Tags and Filenames.
  • Make Content Easy to Read.


Jun 12 2012

How does Google search work?